Have Clarity and Confidence in your choice of vocation.

Biblically-based coaching that guides you to understand who you are at an emotional, spiritual, and relational level. Followed by actionable steps to help you decide and excel in the career you were called to.

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Dr. Gregory Woodard
Navy Chaplain for 20 years
Certified Enneagram & Leadership Coach

How I can help you

It’s time to have Clarity and Confidence in your choice of vocation, and Congruence between your calling and your career.

Understand yourself on a deeper level

1:1 Enneagram Coaching

Together we’ll pinpoint your Enneagram type so you can;

  • Understand your Core Fears, Desires, Weaknesses, and Longings
  • Explore ways you relate in personal and professional relationships
  • Build a structured plan for growing into a healthy, whole person spiritually and emotionally

If your relationships feel distant and you struggle to understand why you do what you do, this is where to start.

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Understand your teammates so you can do your best work

Team Enneagram Workshops

Starting with understanding and typing your team, we will go through individual typing and team-building exercises so you understand how your team thinks and works best.

For corporate, non-profit, or ministry leadership teams sinking in disagreements and misunderstandings, this workshop will bring clarity, humility, and grace to your interactions.

Start Living a Fulfilled Life

It's time to take back your life and live out your calling

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Hi, I’m Dr. Gregory Woodard

Reaching a place of congruence between your vocation and your mental make-up can be frustrating, exhausting, and confusing.

But that doesn’t have to be your story.

I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades working to understand myself and my vocation at the deepest levels.

Turns out, that calling was to help other men and women at leadership crossroads find theirs.

I am an Endorsed Leadership and Enneagram Coach, and a 20-year military veteran serving as a Navy Chaplain. I hold a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership Renewal & Coaching from Regent University and most importantly, I am a devoted Christian, husband, and father. 

Together, we will discover your true self and what God has for your life purpose and career.

So you can step forward into the next chapter of your life boldly, with:

  • Clarity on your path forward
  • Confidence in your choice of vocation
  • Congruence between who you are, why you were made and what you do

It's time to take back your life and live out your calling.

Coaching Endorsements

Gain a battle-ready approach to life
from a proven leader who knows what it means to strengthen the hearts of people

“Greg did a very good job of listening and following what was being said. I felt that he appreciated me as an individual and made me feel valuable according to the type I am. I also liked that he listened to what did and what didn’t resonate with me without jumping to some belief that I am in avoidance.”

Position, Company name

R. N., New Hampshire (Type 7)

“I have the tools now to be awake to my weaknesses and address them from a God-centered place. Greg’s coaching has given me tools and insight into my identity in Christ and helped me embrace my gifts and have more compassion for my weaknesses so I can be someone who can offer wisdom and knowledge through my experiences to others.”

S. O., New York (Type 9)

Position, Company name

"Battle-tested pastor. A trusted pastoral counselor who is always steadfast and sound during difficult situations.”

R. McDaniel, Capt, USN

Position, Company name

A certified coach


Want to understand yourself? Start here.

Mental frameworks, Actionable advice, and Step-by-step guides to living out your vocational calling.

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